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can the science side of tumblr please explain what /unknown/ evolutionary phenomenon occurred that led to white people not havin lips


why dont white people have lips?

What?!?! What the heck makes you think white people don’t have lips?!?!

They mean thin lips, not big bulging ones.

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Anonymous said: I'm aware that you have to be tough but I'm also aware of showing discipline and respect hence why I felt the need to ask you about it. Thanks for clearing things up, I wasn't aware you were actually higher in rank so I get why you did that now :)

That’s fine. I also agree with the respect thing, but it has to go both ways. He doesn’t really respect me, so I won’t reciprocate it. I get along well with most of the other NCOs.

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Anonymous said: Yes but he's your NCO, he's not meant to take orders from you (correct me if I'm wrong). I respect the fact that you want to make sure things are put right but surely yelling at him would be breaking the discipline you take pride in, don't you think?

Actually, I’m a corporal, and one year above him, so he does have to take orders from me. If it had just been this one incident I wouldn’t have been as annoyed, but given that this happens pretty often and is lax with the rules, I had no other option. Also it was coupled with the fact that he caused my activity to mess up too and that he tried to defend himself rather than apologising for the mess he caused. In cadets you’ve gotta be tough.


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good-night-white-pride666 said: The world has no borders, get over yourself




The world has borders and will always continue to have borders. Humans collectivise into groups no matter what thus will form tribes, communities, and then nations. Your “no-borders” bullshit goes against everything logical and natural. 

Creating borders and being in nationalist “tribes” is natural human behaviour. There must be something wrong with these people.

Cultural Marxian beliefs have always been fallacious as they do not take nature into account. They believe that human nature is a result of culture (not race/heredity) thus malleable. That’s why their belief system will eventually crumble because it does not hold strong. It’ll be a glorious day. 




[sighs deeply]


thats surprising, considering she’s a problematic bitch just like majority of the people who fucking support her. maybe she has some redeeming quality about her.

I’m genuinely surprised by this.

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Anonymous said: It's gonna sound rude, but yelling at your NCOs is the fastest way to get yourself into trouble. Pissed off or not, why didn't you politely discuss this with him (I presume the NCO was male?) at a convenient time rather than yell at him?

Because he fucks up constantly and doesn’t listen. He certainly doesn’t enjoy taking any orders from me, so that was the only way I could get it across. And I’m sorry, but discipline needs to be maintained if we’re to keep order. If you mess up, you’d better be prepared for the consequences.


real pressure is when your mum comes in and you have like 1.3 seconds to decide on the least dodgy tab to switch to

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Well it’s certainly not that.

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Parents! Do this to your kid. Or maybe don’t. We’re not sure.


One the one hand, they may grow up to hate you, and lose all faith in humanity because of that betrayal from one of the people they trusted the most in this world…

On the other…



mods are asleep post fat beagle




people actually use 4chan lingo on tumblr that doesn’t make sense when written anywhere else other than 4chan

people are actually reblogging this because they think it’s funny


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I really do love you South Park

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Did you know that you can be vegan without being an asshole to everyone who isn’t vegan?

Shocking, I know.

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What did the cat say to the dog?

cats don’t talk


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Same to girls though. Don’t act like you want a relationship and then just have sex and leave


Same to girls though. Don’t act like you want a relationship and then just have sex and leave

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This new phone gets terrible reception and keeps biting me


This new phone gets terrible reception and keeps biting me

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